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 Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth   Games - Common Ground 


We delivered a dynamic community engagement programme and performances and peripheral pop-up activities, which we toured to 12 high-footfall West Midlands community locations.


With an aim to understand both perceptions and hopes for The Games, we engaged with almost 600 members of the public over the course of the project.


We collaborated with local illustration artists to create visual representations of the feedback, which have been used to inform the Games' Community Engagement strategy.


Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Doink part of the Beatfreeks Collective

Artistic Team
0121 Roots, Void One


We have a dynamic and exciting partnership with OPUS where all the moving parts of the creative concept and/or the artistic vision are in synch with the production and operational compliance ensuring successful and sustainable delivery every time. OPUS are new, they are hungry and they are futureproof!

John Adkins, Managing Director JA Productions,
Technical Production Partner

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