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Moseley Road Baths: 
Drowned in Innocence


Drowning in the Innocence is an immersive experience of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Britten’s Turn of the Screw, created as a site-specific piece for the the Old Edwardian Baths, Moseley Road, Birmingham, a Grade II* listed building.


Currently in it's R&D phase, the journey between worlds; audiences are invited through the world of innocence at the threshold of our space, into the bathhouse Experiential space, where the innocent are submerged in scenography of sound, light and water.

A series of workshops for families took place in the summer of 2021, informing an application to Arts Council England to realise this piece in 2022. Created by _underscore,  a performance collective made up of Director Rosalind Parker and Designer Leanne Vandenbussche, it is a collaboration with the OPUS team to begin to create a performance space which allows to play with opera as an immersive sensory form.


Their aim is that operatic repertoire, whether rarely performed or part of the established cannon is authentically realised in the new environment we are finding ourselves in as young opera makers; to take the core of what is unique to opera whilst embracing the turn to the technological which contemporary performance is traversing through innovative uses of AV, LX and SFX.


Director - Rosalind Parker
Scenographer - Leanne Vandenbussche

Movement Director - Ryan Marlon Munroe
Acoustic Engineer - Pedro Novo

Max Fordham

Research Team

Researcher in Spatio-sonics - Emma Kate Matthews (Bartlett Architecture, UCL)

Researcher in Historic Conservation - David Garrard (Oxford Brookes)

Supported by

ACE Cultural Recovery Fund
Moseley Road Baths


We have a dynamic and exciting partnership with OPUS where all the moving parts of the creative concept and/or the artistic vision are in synch with the production and operational compliance ensuring successful and sustainable delivery every time. OPUS are new, they are hungry and they are futureproof!

John Adkins, Managing Director JA Productions,
Technical Production Partner

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