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Birmingham 2022_Smithfield Festival Site_Studio Souffle_Photo by Verity Milligan.jpg

City Playscape
by Studio Soufflé


A playful take on iconic Brummie architecture past and present, this inflatable playscape was created by Studio Soufflé and installed at Smithfield Festival Site from 29 July to 7 August 2022. 
Visitors of all ages could explore Birmingham from a different perspective, taking in a reimagined city landscape transformed by colour and fun. The Manzoni monster, a cult iconic statue straight from 1970s Birmingham, made its comeback to welcome urban explorers, and the concrete of the Spaghetti Junction turned to colour to celebrate its 50th birthday. Newer architectural features like the Bullring, the New Street Station eye and the Library of Birmingham fascia made an appearance as well. Bold, joyous and playful, the piece invited people to explore inside, through and around it, encouraging intrigue and curiosity. 
Studio Soufflé designs and handcrafts awesome inflatables in London, UK. They strive to push the boundary with inflatable technology to create unique and impactful solutions for event spaces, experiential marketing, retail displays, creative installations and bringing characters and distinctive structures to life.

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Created by

Studio Soufflé


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